A Quick Glimpse in the Life of Danny Glover

Danny Glover is regarded as an excellent and professional actor and producer, as well as a humanitarian person that dramatically contributes to the world of screen, stage and more on television appearances. He spent almost 25 years of his life giving joy and entertainment to people with his acting skills.  As an excellent actor, all his film credits are regarded as blockbusters and breakthrough movie hits in the TV screen. Most recently, he was part of the movie Dreamgirls, directed by Bill Condon. He even starred in the movie directed by Clemet Virgo entitled Po’Boy’s. Danny Glover also appeared in the hit movie Shooter directed by Antoine Fuqua as well as in Honeydripper movie directed by John Sayles and Be Kind. He is even part of the movie Rewind directed by Michel Gondry. With these great achievements, it just manifest that Danny Glover really serves as an inspiration that shares most of his acting skills in the world of different movies.

Danny Glover
Danny Glover

Danny Glover also acquires exceptional respect and recognition because of this wide and very convenient community activism as well as philanthropic efforts. He emphasizes several advocacies when it comes to economic justice, accessibility to health care and even education along with some programs implemented in Africa and in the United States.  With these efforts and great contribution, he received the 2006 DGA Honor.  He is also known as the great Goodwill Ambassador for United Nations Development Program internationally from the year 1998 up to 2004. This is because of his time and effort in highlighting issues on poverty, different types of diseases, and all other economical development issues in Africa, Caribbean and in Latin America. At present, he is the ambassador of UNICEF that greatly helps people towards having a progressive and successful life.

Just this 2005, Danny Glover co-founded breakthrough Louverture films that puts emphasis on dedication to some historical relevance, commercial value and very artistic integrity as well as social purposes. By these, he was able to acquire several awards which made him highly recognized internationally.  Danny Glover is from San Francisco and trained himself in Black Actors Workshop apt of the American Conservatory Theater.  At that time, it Danny Glover’s Broadway debut when he acquired national recognition and be part of the cast of the movie directed by Robert Benton as his first major leading role.  The following year, he already starred at two movies which include Peter Weir’s Witness as well as Steven Spielberg’s movies which are also nominated in the international awards for best picture. Danny Glover also invested his talents and skills in some personal projects such as the award winning and breakthrough film To Sleep with Anger which he executively produced. This let him won an award for best actor. He even acquires an Image Awards as well as Cable ACE award because of his talents. Danny Glover is also nominated in Emmy Awards because of his excellent work in the movie Lonesome Dove and the Freedom Song.

This is just a great manifestation that Danny Glover is really an award winning actor and producer that plays an important role in the world of movies.  By these, he was highly recognized by the people as an excellent inspiration and motivation particularly to those who really wanted to pursue the same career as what he had. His great contribution gives hope to people to continue dreaming and sparing their time and effort towards their dream of becoming an excellent actor and producer like Danny Glover.


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